Loge Box 100 -- 2 Seats -- Great View

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Listing Name:
Loge Box 100 -- 2 Seats -- Great View
Season Plan:
51 Game Plan B (2018)
(51 total games)
Seats Per Game:
Ticket Category:
Loge Box
Section / Row / Seat:
B100 / CC / 1
B100 / CC / 2
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Payment Method:
Delivery Method:
Ticket Forwarding
Offer Minimum:
4 games
Looking for 1-4 more partners to buy up to 30 games in my 51 game pack (all of my tickets are weekdays, M-F).
Have young family right now and can't make it to too many games.
I'm flexible on how many games you want, however, I'd like the minimum to be at least 4 games.

I already have one partner from last year, and he took 8 games last season, so he will likely be given first choice for this 2018 season. I will update my ticket inventory after he's chosen his games. UPDATE: My partner from last year has chosen 10 games for this year. That leaves 30 games for any new partners.

Location: Loge Box 100, Row CC, Seat 1&2 (it's the row 3rd row back from walkway in front). Third row is actually better than rows 1&2 because you can see over the people walking in front. My 2 seats are in a 4 seat row (mine are the inside seats), so it's very easy to get in and out. Very close to concessions and bathrooms as well. Great location to hope to get a foul ball! I don't have any live pictures from the seats showing the view, but I did upload 3 of the computer generated views from redsox.com from my seats.

As far as playoff rights go......I'm not willing at this time to guarantee tickets, however, I will definitely NOT go to every playoff game, and I will offer them to my partners in order of whomever buys the most regular season games from me.

As far as prices go, the Red Sox have 5 tiers for pricing.

The 5 tiers are as follows (pricing is the total for 2 tickets):
$266/game for Tier 1
$212/game for Tier 2
$190/game for Tier 3
$168/game for Tier 4
$114/game for Tier 5.

As far as ticket allocation goes among multiple partners, I'm going to go with a first come, first served policy. So act fast if you want some Yankee games.

For preferred ticket delivery method, I can only choose one on the site, but I'm happy to meet in person or to Fedex/UPS you the tickets if you'd rather. I'm flexible.

For payment, I prefer Venmo or Paypal. Thanks!
  • View to Home Plate
  • View of Green Monster
  • View of CF Scoreboards
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Date Opponent Section / Row / Seat Price

This listing currently has no tickets available for sale.

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    Hey Nate, Thanks for the quick response. I'm definitely in for a few games but I can't submit an offer because you require 8 games. How would you like to handle this? Thanks! Jeremy
  • Jeremy, My bad. Didn't realize that the system had 8 as the default and wouldn't let you put in for less than that. I changed the wording in my description to a minimum of 4 games, but for some reason, there is another drop down section that forces me to choose the minimum number of games, and the lowest it will allow me to go is 8. I'll have to contact the Red Sox to see how I can change this to 4. (If the Red Sox are reading this, can you please help me out?). I'll be sure to message you once the change is made and you can then go ahead and buy what you want. Thanks for your patience. -Nate
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    Hi, I have partial tickets in the right field box but would love to get a little closer for a few games. Any chance you would be willing to take on another partner for 4-6 games instead of the 8? I would be willing to go more if the price was negotiable as well. Thanks, Jeremy
  • Hi Jeremy, Yes, I'd be willing to sell 4-6 games. Thanks for the interest. Best, Nate
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    Hi - I'd be interested in all 30 games as a true partner. In exchange, i would like some agreement on playoff tickets. If this is something you would consider, let me know and I will purchase all 30 games.
  • Hi Joseph. Absolutely! Here's what I'm thinking regarding playoffs...... 1) if it's a one game playoff (if Red Sox host the 1 game playoff), you will get right of first refusal. So it'll be yours if you want it. 2A) for a 5 game HOME ALDS series, you and I will split games 1&2 (you get first choice). Game 5 you get right of first refusal again. 2B) for a 5 game AWAY ALDS series, I get first choice...either game 3 or 4, but I'll be making the decision before the series starts, so there is a chance if I pick Game 4 that there isn't one if sox get swept in 3 games. 3A) for a 7 game HOME ALCS series, we'd split games 1&2 (you get first choice), and then for game 6 or 7 (both home), I get first choice on game 6 or game 7, but again, that decision will be made before the series starts. 3B) if there is a 7 game AWAY ALCS series....we will split games 3&4 (you get first choice), and then I get right of first refusal for the home game 5. 4A) for a 7 game HOME World Series, you and I split games 1&2 (you get first choice), and then I have the first choice on game 6 or game 7...but decision made before the series starts. 4B) for 7 game AWAY World Series, we split games 3&4 (you get first choice) and I get right of first refusal on game 5. Sound good? If there is a scenario I missed, I think we can work it out between us as it happens. -Nate
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    Will you continue to offer next season? If so, 8-12 games are perfect for my schedule, as I travel to Boston pretty often from California, and can only do weekdays. VERY INTERESTED!!
  • Hi Jeff, I will continue to offer tickets next year. I'd be happy to include you for 8-12 games. Let's keep in touch into early 2018 and we can finalize an agreement next year once the tickets are released to me. Thanks! -Nate
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