1st Base GS11, Row5, Seats11/12

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Listing Name:
1st Base GS11, Row5, Seats11/12
Season Plan:
53 Game Plan B (2014)
(53 total games)
Seats Per Game:
Ticket Category:
Right Field Grandstand
Section / Row / Seat:
G11 / 5 / 11
G11 / 5 / 12
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Payment Method:
In Person Cash
Delivery Method:
Ticket Forwarding
Offer Minimum:
8 games
Seat Location
These tickets are located in Section G11 -- Right Field Grand Stand, Row 5, Seats 11-12. Seats are located together, side by side. They are located between 1st base and Pesky's Pole, just above the Grounds Crew Tunnel and are just under the overhanging Pavilion Seats with great cover from the sun and rain. There is a full view of home plate, the entire infield and approximately 95% of the outfield. There is NO "obstruction restriction" printed on these tickets.

Admission to the Royal Rooters Club is included with each ticket. This club is climate controlled, with a separate entrance by Gate B on Van Ness, by Ted's statue, with a bar and food before/during the game and for 45 mins AFTER the last out.

The seats are part of the Red Sox Regular Season "B Plan" which consists only of WEEKDAY games, Monday through Friday. All games part of the "B Plan" package, with exception to Games Excluded (below), are available in the draft.

Games Excluded
The Red Sox Regular Season "B Plan" does NOT include Opening Day or Patriot's Day games, as they are not part of this package. Post season tickets are NOT included in this agreement.

Payment & Ticket Delivery
You ("Purchaser/Partner") agree to submit payment to me, the Seller/Season Ticket Holder ("STH") in full for cost of total number of games multiplied by $53 per ticket for two tickets per game as soon as an agreement is made between Purchaser/Partner and STH. Only payment by Cash or Certified Bank Check will be accepted. Once payment is received Purchaser/Partner will become a "Partner" as identified by the Red Sox and will receive all rights assigned to Partners through the Red Sox Season Ticket Holder program.

Once tickets become available (or as soon as online draft is available), games will be distributed either via the Red Sox Season Ticket Board's online draft capability, or in-person draft if ALL Purchasers/Partners agree, and will be drawn according to the set draft order (as determined by the STH, with first position going to STH and subsequent draft positions being assigned in order of number of games purchased), and order of preference, based upon remaining available games during the draft.

Tickets will be distributed via the Red Sox "ticket toss" system, and Purchaser/Partner will be issued Partner's Card, with access to digital or hard copy tickets.

Additional Details
Upon agreement, Purchaser/Partner and STHwill exchange contact information.

At the STHs discretion, Purchaser/Partner may be offered opportunity to participate in subsequent years' ticket agreements, however, participation in the 2014 Red Sox Ticket share offering does not guarantee future participation.

Participation in the 2014 Red Sox Ticket Share does not constitute ownership of this Red Sox ticket account in full or in part by Purchaser/Partner.

Purchaser/Partner is bound to abide by all Red Sox Team and Ticket policies and Code of Conduct.

A signed agreement between Purchaser/Partner and Seller outlining agreement details as above is required prior to ticket distribution. Any changes agreed to between Purchaser/Partner and Seller must be in writing.
  • Grandstand 11
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:

How will my games get determined?

For this listing, you would offer to purchase a certain number of games and tickets from the Season Ticket Holder. The actual games and tickets you would get would be determined at a later date using the the following method:

Online Draft
New partner will participate in Online Draft. Draft will be held at a time and date agreeable to the majority of partners. Draft picks will be based on the number of games each partner is purchasing. Draft Order will be set fairly giving all partners a pick in the first round and the remaining picks will be fairly determined based on the proportion of games owned by each partner. The Draft Order shall NOT unfairly benefit or harm any partner(s). All games and tickets shall be included in the draft.
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    there are 38 gms left out of 53. What gms are NOT available ??
  • Hi, Walter. All of the 53 games are still available. We are going to do an online draft on the Sox season ticket holder system. I am in first position for the draft as the primary STH. We will determine subsequent positions based on the number of games taken by each partner. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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  • Hi. All weekday games are a available, except Opening Day and Patriot's Day (they are not part of my season ticket package). However, I am about to finalize the additional games (weekend and the other two) for some other seats (right field roof box, section 25). They will be added to my listing shortly.
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